“When it hasn’t been your day, or week, or your month, or even your year…”

I’ve finally gotten through the entire ten seasons of Friends again. It took me most of this month, but it was SO worth it. I’m astounded by how amazing that writing team was.  Everything about the show was golden. Crane and Kauffman were frikken geniuses.

I watched some behind the scenes videos and everything, from the cast, to the writers, to the set builders, to the filming crew, was perfection.

I mean, did you know that every single set was made up on a stage? They didn’t use ONE real apartment or restaurant. Everything was made up from scratch. The only on-location shoot they had, were for the episodes in England. Which were shot in… er… England. Even the Vegas episodes were made up on a stage. A-ma-zing.

Central Perk

Phoebe’s Apartment

I was also amazed to see how many new ideas they came up with for every episode. I don’t think I watched one episode that wasn’t really funny, except maybe the last one, which got me all teary eyed – and even then, it still cracked me up. One of my many, many favourite moments had to be the episode where Ross bought a pair of leather pants. It was so funny!

During a visit to a prospective girlfriend’s house, the pants become so increasingly toasty, that he is forced to excuse himself in order to pull down his pants in the bathroom and give his legs a little breather. The problem comes in, when he decides he wants to pull them back up again and they won’t budge! With Joey on the phone giving him ridiculous advice, he ends up with lotion and powder smeared all over his legs for lubrication. He gives the pants one last tug and with a slip of his hand, slaps himself in the face.

The moment is so beautifully timed and comical, that it took me a few rewind sessions and about 15 minutes to stop laughing.

Ross and his leather pants (Courtesy of Chandler)

I can only be thoroughly overjoyed at the thought of a Friends movie. If the rumours are true,  then that could be happening really soon! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy….

I feel like cheescake now.



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6 responses to ““When it hasn’t been your day, or week, or your month, or even your year…”

  1. Finn

    I’m tearin’ up here. I miss Friends. 😦 And ross’ leather pants!!!!


    I miss friends also.

    • Hahaha! Rosssscannnn, get me the tickets!
      It was a good show… They don’t make ’em like that anymore. 😦
      Except maybe How I met your mother – ish.

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