“At worst I feel bad for a while… but then I just smile…”

This post is just for my sister, who is traumatized daily by her reflection. I suppose, in part, this is my fault, but I can’t help if braces make for an easy target.

This site is to help her feel better. See Ariana? There will, too, be a day where you can post your picture here, and reminisce about the time when I had braces… (I think this site was created in anticipation of your childhood, little one.)

Quite a cute little website and funny as hell for those who have/had/knew someone with a metal mouth.

I mean check it. This random kid had braces and STILL managed to meet Lady Gaga.

“Yes, yes. Congratulations Betty. Your smile will no longer induce seizures in children” – Wilhelmina Slater, right after Betty gets her braces removed.

I love you sister. I really do.




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2 responses to ““At worst I feel bad for a while… but then I just smile…”

  1. Danielle Balsaras

    I had ’em. Oh, the day you get them off your teeth feel slimy for ages. A fantastic, lovely kind of slimy.

    It’ll come – and you’ll be really chuffed at how fabulous your teeth look thanks to them!

    • I keep telling her that. And I’ve been telling her that she’s lucky to have them over and done with so early. She’ll have them off for most of high school, whereas I am slowly wandering over into the realm of adult braces… and THAT… sucks.

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