“The Simpsonsss…”

Ahhhhh…. I can’t believe I didn’t manage to post this on the 1st of August 2010!!!


I am a failure as a Simpsonite. (If there is such a word…)

Yesterday, marked the date of a pretty special wedding. One that fans have been waiting for for the past 15 years!

Season 6 of the Simpsons (Aired in 1995) told the story of an 8 year old Lisa Simpson being told her future by a fortune teller at a carnival. The fortune teller predicts a romance between a 23 year old Lisa and an Englishman by the name of Hugh Parkerfield. The episode involves the Simpson/Parkerfield wedding in the year 2010! (Mind you, by the end of the episode the wedding is called off. So I guess we didn’t miss much.)

Can’t believe I missed the date. I’m such a loser.

Then again, there may be some confusion as to how this happened, considering the fact that Lisa is still 8 years old in the most recent Simpsons episodes. Hmm.

Now that I have had my daily geek-out session, I will leave you with the wise words of Mr Homer J Simpson:

“Lisa, Vampires are make-believe. Like elves, gremlins, and eskimos.”




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