“So I don’t know anything. When I give in! Oh animator! Oh animator!”

My new, and possibly slightly improved, animation showreel.

That is all.

Oh, and also, hire me.




PS: The title refers to the song “Animator” by Pull tiger tail. It’s a cool song. Youtube it. (The music video could have done with a little more… I dunno… animation?)


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2 responses to ““So I don’t know anything. When I give in! Oh animator! Oh animator!”

  1. Jemma

    You can’t have yet-to-be- Disney content on your show-reel, tsk tsk.

    You have a job waiting for you at PaperCut Studios on MY recommendations. I’ll give you a holler when I have details as our current HR is sick. Have a showreel, have a cv, a portfolio if it makes you happy. I personally had fuck-all and am now a senior animator. Put on a bit of brovado to note you aren’t a push-over.

    They have little time to train a new toon boom animator. So you would have to pick up things real quick since our deadlines have become a mild joke. I would recommend placement near our corner for it is not filled with a strange tension and a general unstable juujuu.

    Ie – I offer to look after you for a bit. Start relearning your toon boom shotcuts. Figure out how to animat and army of ever-changing-rigs. And lots of other fun stuff

    This is, of course, if you want to animate. There’s rigging on the crezy side of the office. As well as polish. There’s always a need for traditional animators who can keep to the ridiculous models. And there’s prop design, possibly still space for BG workings and possibly even production roles.

    E-mails you can find on the main site, I have the studio’s number at 0117915821

    • Hahahahahahaha….. firstly…. I remember the disney clips were allowed if they were accompanied by clockwork watermarks :):):) secondly…. florries has been airing since about two months ago…. Therefore no longer “unaired”… And thirdly…. I love the fineprint. :):):):):):) I’ll prob get hold of you soonish after I return. There are a few live action people I need to get back to first though. (blasphemy, I know….)

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