‘He ate my heart, then he ate my brain…”

Runaway Brain

Mickey Mouse – or is it, Julius?

Probably my favourite Disney short and definitely my favourite Mickey Mouse cartoon. A really beautifully animated piece, laced with SO many well-timed moments and hidden jokes. I have to share the splendour of this amazing animation with anyone who cares to enjoy it. Sit  back, with a bowl of popcorn and watch this:




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8 responses to “‘He ate my heart, then he ate my brain…”

  1. Danny

    This girl… You dad’s going to vloek. YouTube!;) I’ll watch it when I can.

  2. Danny

    …YouR dad’s going to vloek…

  3. mathapelo

    🙂 nice… good old Mickey for you! I wonder if my lil bro & cousins would enjoy it tho??? I mean with 3D out and all, is that still attractive to the eye of an ordinary kid? but anyway, thanks for the 7 min of entertainment!

    • I think this animation still has a lot of appeal for a 2D cartoon. It’s not too old, and it touches on other unconventional animation genres, like horror and such. It’s different. I think that’s where the appeal lies. More in the subject content, rather than the method of animation. (But I have to say, it’s brilliantly animated.)
      It would be interesting to test it out on a kid of today and see if they like it… hmmm….. :):):)

  4. mathapelo

    oh! and another thing…

    its not Mickey…

    neither is it Julius….

    its Droskey!!!!!!!!!!!! (horror music (violin) in the background)

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! He just needs the moustache!!!! But seriously, that man’s got comical horror down to perfection. Who else can speak of failed tests and unemployment with a smile on their face?

      (Bwahahahahaha….. violin music…. hahahhahahaha…)

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