“So take me away, I don’t mind. But you better promise me I’ll be back in time.”

My blog has had an unexpected boost in readers the past few days… All because of my Charlie Chaplin article I wrote a few months ago. So weird…

Anyway, I looked into it and I found out that someone may have found a “Time traveller” in some footage of one of good ol’ Charles’ dvds. The youtube video has gone a bit viral. (Which is why people have been searching Mr Chaplin, therefore being linked to my post.) I think it’s a pretty darn cool theory and I hope it’s true.  (This is coming from a super Back to the future geek…)

So here is the video which has gotten everyone excited about Charlie Chaplin again:




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2 responses to ““So take me away, I don’t mind. But you better promise me I’ll be back in time.”

  1. Cass

    The strange part to me is not that a woman in 1927 may be talking on a mobile. It is who in the world is she talking to and where are the towers to support this call?

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