“Here comes Halloween…”

Righteo. So, besides the fact that I am speaking of Halloween at least a week or two too late… Here is my Halloween-y update.

Firstly, I tried my hand at fondant moulding. I thought I was going to have great difficulty, but I really found it quite easy to use and fun! I used ready-made fondant and coloured it with food colouring gels. The only problem came, the day after Halloween, when I realized that I’d forgotten all about them and had to quickly run out and buy (blasphemy, I know) some ready made cupcakes to top with my creations.

Pumpkin patch! Where Linus van Pelt at?

My little pumpkin and eyeball fondant-kins. Next year I make the cupcakes too!

Halloween also meant a fun costume and an outing of some kind! This year we went to Brightwater commons in Randburg, because they seem to be the most Halloweeny part of South Africa. I love seeing “grown-ups” dressed up in fancy dress. There’s nothing better. I was, the one and only, Queen Gaga this year. A  few people pointed at me through their car windows in traffic… So I’m glad it put a smile on some faces. 🙂 Here are some photos of the fun!

Spot the difference. (Haha – No comment.)

(Insert rather lame magician on this stage.)

My best bud, Viv, joined in on the festivities this year. 🙂

Super heroes wear tight pants.

Bob Marley (My little sister), Iron Man and Lady Gaga out for tea.

Gaga and Wolverine!

Naruto, who yelled something fairly Japanese at me. I have no idea what.

And my absolute favourite! Alan from the Hangover! So funny. (PS: That is an actual real live baby. Talk about dedication to your costume…)

Well, that was Halloween 2010. A few laughs, night-blindness in Gaga glasses and a screening of the it’s-so-bad-it’s-awesome Sorority Boys back at home. Next year, you’re ALL coming with. Hmm. Any costume ideas?




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