“Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic…”

What to do while one is unemployed (and willing to spend the last few pennies in their wallet…)

Have a picnic!

Grab a handful of close buddies, a blanket, board games, some yummy goodies – and stick em in your picnic basket. Skip off to your nicest botanical garden (In our case – The stunning Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden) and enjoy a nice day in the sun.

Heeeey! Look at me! Imma picnicing!

Get everyone to bring something to cut costs and make sure you take your student card with! Discount!!! – YEAH. (Let’s not mention that my student card is actually not valid anymore. I graduated over a year ago….)

Check out the spread!

Danica and Taboo (The bestest, noisiest game for a bunch of Europeans and an American to play)

Who’s happy she came on a picnic?! Vivi is! Vivi is!

I can see you Megan… (Taboo brings out the ninja within)

Yummy yummy peanut butter cups!

See? Picnics make you happy. Even when you’re broke. Join us!

Extreme Super fail at a multiple jump shot. Danica’s all “High School Musical” and Viv’s kinda celebratory. I, on the other hand, seem to be squatting. In. Every. Single. “Jumping.” Photo.

What fun indeed!




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One response to ““Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic…”

  1. Veev

    LOL 🙂 dude this post was so funny-love the photos of course! xxx 🙂

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