“Happiness hit her like a train on a track.”

Greetings, greetings; what few readers I have.

It’s another glorious Wednesday in my little world of unemployment. But, alas, I do not let it get me down… For, though I am poor, I am also resourceful. I have found little things to do to pass the time in between interviews and such.

First and foremost, I’ve been bitten by the cooking bug. I’ve surfed so many food blogs and recipe books, that when I close my eyes to sleep at night, my dreams take on the appearance of little blogs and books, filled with cupcakes and macarons. I can do nothing but give in to this power that food has over me.  In the upcoming days/weeks, I’ll share a few of my most recent endeavors. However successful/unsuccessful they were.

Other than my obsession with food, I have also dug up my grandmothers sewing machine from storage. Been fiddling with that for the first time and managed to get an entire handbag out of it. (Please ignore the EXTREMELY skew stitches. I am ashamed enough already. What will the towns-folk say? “The grand-daughter of a seamstress?! Preposterous!”)

Also, my cashlessness hasn’t stopped me from keeping my style up to date. I got a free birthday haircut from my hairdresser (How cool is he – right?) and I bought myself a little home-dye to shake things up! (And cover up the blonde. Contrary to popular beliefs; while blonde, I did not have more fun.)

I now resemble (unintentionally, I swear.) Agnes from Despicable Me. I still can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing. Oh well. As Shakespeare would say in times like these, “What’s done, is done!” (Although, I can’t imagine that ol’ William used to dye his hair and go for free haircuts and… what.. what… yes, you know what I’m saying.)

Tomorrow, I bake! (Again)

People who are to see me in the next few days are in for a treat! (Unless everything flops… In that case I can only offer a spoonful of sugar – Which is not all that bad. Apparently it helps the medicine go down.)

Until next time!




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4 responses to ““Happiness hit her like a train on a track.”

  1. Nooriena Davids

    Hope you find a job soon, remember though, that you will be working until you retire or marry a rich man!!

    Enjoy the time off, while your folks are still there to care for you.

    I must say that your attempt at a bag is quite impressive, I am a seamstress daughter and I am totall useless at sewing.

    • Haha! Thanks! Yes, that’s why I’m trying out all the hobbies I normally wouldn’t have time to do. I know that they’ll go out the window once I start working.
      I’m also hoping that my sewing will improve, because next time I’d like to remember to put a handbag strap in! This one will need to be a clutch bag…

  2. Diana

    lovely bag niecieeeeeee! you can even make nice ones from old jeans by cutting the legs off… but i’m sure you already know that!! 😛

    • *COUGH* The bottom part of the bag is already denim from the bottom of a pair of jeans…*COUGH*
      :):):) – I guess I did already know that! Hahaha…. Like I tell mom: I’m an endless portal of knowledge…

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