“Just love yourself and you’re set.”

This post is dedicated to all my single friends out there who need a little love this Valentines day. As we all know, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. This is why I decided to make use of the fantastic box of cookie cutters I received, from my lovely friend Mathapelo, for my birthday.

To all my single buddies out there (And to a couple not-so-single friends. I won’t name names, just in case there is any animosity among the singles.);

Have a Happy Valentines day, stuffing yourself with COOKIES!

I found quite a yummy sounding sugar cookie dough recipe from foodie blogger Annie’s Eats and decided to try it. It was a really nice dough to work with and the cookies seemed to come out really well. My sister tasted them and has now been eating them non-stop since the moment they came out the oven. So they must be at least halfway decent. The piping, on the other hand, needs some work. But I’m almost certain my second try will look much better. Those of you who are to see me this weekend; I hope you enjoy my baked treats. May they fill the loveless void that Valentine’s day brings.

On a related note, (By related, I mean there are baked goods involved and I eat them.) I went to Wolves for the first time today. Soooo lovely. Reminds me of the Camden market days, with vintage decor and quirky people. I had the scrummiest Red Velvet Cupcake ever and a perfectly yummy homemade lemonade. Five star rating people. I really loved the whole vibe. I’m definitely going back. (Soon)

Vivi and Mary-Anne also got themselves a chocolate mustache, which comes with the aptly named, Excuse me sir, but there is a mustache in my hot chocolate. A very cute idea and quite delicious too! If you’re ever driving around the Illovo area in Johannesburg and you suddenly feel like something tasty, please do yourself a favour and drop by Wolves.

A great start to what I imagine is going to be a fantastic weekend! Brunch and Karaoke Glee Revolution tomorrow! What could be better?!




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12 responses to ““Just love yourself and you’re set.”

  1. mathapelo

    again, i really think u should open up a bakery lil girl…:)

    no seriously now…

  2. mathapelo

    oh! and i cant wait for Glee Saturday! Why do u think i’m still awake.. its crazy…

  3. Veev

    Eish but those red velvet cupcake are addictive! Another round please sir! πŸ™‚

  4. Maty-Anne

    Thank you zozie ; ) awesome blog and I love the pic hehe. Oh and the cookies were awesome !!!!

  5. Mary-Anne

    it was my nom de plum ; ) but alas my cover is blown- my true identity revealed haha.. : D

  6. Mary-Anne

    too true : ) read my fb status it is truly dedicated to this conversation lol

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