“Ice, ice baby.”

Hiya everyone.

It is me again. (Well obviously. Who else could it be really?)

Today, we are making mini Rooibos Berry Ice-lollies for those wonderfully sweltering summer days. If you’re anything like me, you can only handle ice-creams and frozen desserts in small quantities. These are perfect for a quick, bite-sized cool down. Painfully simple to make and super flexible in terms of flavour.

I was set on making something tasty and frozen, because my sister has an unhealthy relationship with our ice-tray. (Being a brace-face, she is not allowed to chomp down on an entire ice bucket.) I thought that if the icy morsel were tastier than an ice-cube, it would be enough iciness for one day and she’d be less tempted to keep chomping. So here are my:

Rooibos and Berry Ice-lollies


1. So easy! All you have to do, is make a small jug of homemade ice tea. I mixed together about 250ml boiling water, 1 Rooibos tea bag and 50 ml Secrets of the valley berry juice. (This can all be adjusted. Try out different types of tea. You may want to add sugar/honey/more juice, depending on how sweet you’d prefer.)

2. While the tea is cooling down, arrange some silicon cupcake cups side by side in a freezer-safe container.

3. Place a frozen berry in each cup. (You can use almost any berry here. I used some blackberries.)

4. Poke a toothpick into each berry to create a little “lolly stick” for each lolly.

5. Fill in the cups with some of your iced-tea mixture. (If you have any tea left-over just throw it in a glass with some ice and enjoy.)

6. Put the container of prepared cups into the freezer until the iced tea is solid.

7. When frozen, pop them out of the silicon cup and enjoy! This recipe made about 12 small cups.




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4 responses to ““Ice, ice baby.”

  1. Mathapelo

    Zoe, blog by blog… u slowly starting to inspire me to getting back to baking…

  2. Mathapelo

    and cooking…

  3. Mathapelo

    and trying new things out…

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