“Sweet like chocolate boy”

Naughty, naughty me.

Long time, no blog. After getting a good rap on the knuckles, I am back to sharing the goings-on of my fabulously eventful life. Mind you, “eventful” doesn’t necessarily refer to productivity of any kind. It matters not. The universe has something rather amazing planned for me, I can tell. The things I do in the meantime, are but preparing me for the awesomeness that is to come!

In other news: My waist-line put it’s foot down a few weeks ago… (Foot…?) No more baking for a while… I can’t roll into job interviews… It just doesn’t look professional. (This philosophy may change, should a sudden cooking inspiration strike. Apologies to my hips in advance.)

Here are a few of my recently baked yummies:

Cookies! After my Valentines eats, I decided that I really wanted to try Annie’s eats Chocolate cookie recipe. It was a slightly stickier dough to work with, but they were, in my opinion, yummier. Not too sweet, but still cocoa-ey. I made them for my brother from another mother who has been confined to a hospital bed for over a month (Now finally home – Yay!), due to a few broken bones all over the place. Hopefully they helped reduce a bit of the crapness that hospital life brings. Feel better Massi!

I also had to make a billion (Okay…50) little gingerbread men for my sister to take to school. They were kinda adorable. (And delicious!) You can see how small they were in relation to my hand… and if you know how small my hands are, you’ll be even more impressed! – Note: Y’all should be careful. The kitchen is a scary place. (See the above collage for a photo of my tragic injury.)

Also on my list of fun things I have experienced/baked recently… My dear friend Mathapelo just celebrated her 22nd birthday (It’s ok Mattie, we’ll be geriatrics together…) and a few of us got together to surprise her with a lunch. :] The days events included; A yummy fondue outdoors. The rain pelting down onto our yummy fondue. Mathapelo deciding that “The rain’s not that bad!”. The rain finally driving an extremely soaked party indoors. A revealing of my not-so-successful-but-successful-enough-to-devour Glee themed Birthday Cupcakes. And a full-on attack of Glee karaoke.

A highly recommended day plan. Such fun!

So don’t expect any more baked goods to grace the pages of my blog for a while. Instead, I will find many other amusing things to talk about… (Trust me- endless talking is no problem for me.) Coming up soon: I have no idea, but it’s gonna be good.

Stay tuned.




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4 responses to ““Sweet like chocolate boy”

  1. Danny

    Well done Zoe. Yet another entertaining update.:)

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