“Working nine to five, what a way to make a living…”

(Well actually, working nine to five-thirty…)

And so employment is finally upon me.  (Cue the Hallelujah chorus)

This is the main reason why I’ve been so quiet recently… The art of juggling work and well, anything else, is a pretty tough one.

But here I am, and I am very happy to be here, spreading a little blog-love. Let’s catch you up…

Firstly, a little while ago, Charlie Chaplin’s birthday brought on many new readers to my small, little, strange blog. Which was a fantastical surprise. Scary, but wonderful! I’m quite pleased as to how many different parts of the world accessed my blog. Very interesting to see. 🙂 With many supportive and lovely new readers, came a few painfully rude ones. Luckily, the rainbows out-weighed the rain… and so I’m not really bothered about any negative feedback I may have gotten. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Let’s just keep the comments polite though, if you please?

In between the horrors of work, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few fun outings and whatnot. Exhibit A: The Market on Main.

In the middle of town, (“town” being the central point of Johannesburg. A little dodgy now, but quite spectacular in its heyday) I found it incredibly surprising to discover a lovely artsy fartsy market, filled with quirky and lovely stalls. My buddies and I enjoyed a wholewheat pancake, then browsed the thrift and food stalls. Some really interesting people out and about. (Including the dude with dreadlocks down to the floor and his equally “dreaded out” girlfriend.) Reminded me of my Camden market days. (Speaking of, I need to go back there soon, I think.)

Then we took a little walk up the road towards our parked car and stopped off at an art gallery. It was closed, but we got to see the rather interesting outdoor decor. (Including shoe-planters walking up the walls!)

As per usual, a fun day, surrounded by fun people. Hurrah!

Exhibit A – The day the coolest kids ever attacked the market on Main

A week later, my little sister celebrated her 14th birthday and I decided to channel my inner “Cake Boss”. (Which I thoroughly enjoyed!) Seriously considering doing a cake decorating course of some kind! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you…. My Homer Simpson birthday cake – complete with squint eyes and a giant doughnut. (Exhibit B). Chocolate cake and chocolate butter cream. Yummmmy….

For my first fondant covered cake, I don’t think I did too badly! 😀

Exhibit B – Homer in his doughnut, being demolished by some hungry savages.

So, whose birthday’s next? I need to bake another one! (No, seriously…)

Hopefully work will allow me some more blog-time soon… I’m having withdrawels!

Until next time…



PS: Market on Main photos courtesy of Mr Danny B… 😀


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2 responses to ““Working nine to five, what a way to make a living…”

  1. Nicely done! You blog way too little! (Says he who hardly writes an article…). The work thing takes a bit of adjusting to and just remember, you’re only beginning, what you’re doing now isn’t forever 😉

    So I’m giving this twitter login comment posting thang a try, looks like a whole bunch of win to me!

    • What I’m doing now is most definitely not forever. Hopefully it’s extremely short-lived, actually. :b
      YAYness, your twitter login appears to have worked rather splendidly! :]
      And also, thanks…. I really do need to blog more often. And so do you! (Though, at least your posts are more current. Judging by my blog – it appears as though I may have died.)

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