“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”

Catch up, catch up, catch up.

How time flies when you’re deeply stressed and trying to figure out your life.

But HURRAH, I’ve actually managed to squeeze in some “me time” in this deadline-ridden life of mine. (Mind you, I am currently in bed rather sick right now… but I’ll take the “me time” where I can get it…)

Come fourth of July I am, with out doubt, temporarily American. (In preparation for my possible future residence in the US perhaps? – You know? The American dream? Picket fences and all?) My lovely American friends throw a fantastic Independence day party every year. (This is obviously an ideal way to feed my love for American pop culture and such things.) I am always guaranteed a dessert spread of note when visiting Miss Gina or Miss Megan. This year was no different.

Although Miss Megan was enjoying July fourth in AMERICA (Jealous…) Miss Gina made sure there were no rumblies in our tummies. Cupcakes in cones (Such a cute idea! Will definitely be making these sometime.), American-style choc chip cookies, ice-cream sandwiches and the ever famous Keip chocolate brownies. (Oh, how I long for these brownies on a weekly basis.)

Happy independence day to all the American peeps out there! (And especially my American buddies here in SA.) :] – even though this blog is almost a month overdue…

While we’re speaking of cakes and such delights… I thought I’d show y’all my second cake-y creation. This one was a request from my aunt who wanted to surprise my cousin with a Spongebob Squarepants cake for his 19th birthday. (What 19 year old doesn’t want a Spongebob cake?!)

My initial response was obviously (As it usually is, in my case) panic. What if my first cake was a case of beginner’s luck and now every cake hereafter will become the disaster of all baked good disasters?

However, I am glad to say, my panic was unnecessary. My skills seem to be improving! *Pats self on the back*

I’ve decided that I’d be quite happy to take orders from this day forth. Keep my little cakey business in mind, if you ever need some customized baked yummies.

As usual, I will attempt to update more often!

Until then…

Much love and light…




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2 responses to ““Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”

  1. Mathapelo

    lil girl that cake looks AMAZING!

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