“Oh let me be your teddy bear…”

As a young child, I found no greater joy than coming across a beautifully made teddy bear that needed a home. With the help of Nurse Nancy and her doll hospital (A comic strip I read and enjoyed quite frequently in Twinkle magazine), I had, over time, pulled together a complete family of stuffed friends. (Each with a carefully hand-picked name and a personalized hand-drawn birth certificate.)

I took in teddy bears of every kind. Old bears, new bears, Christmas bears, Easter bears, hiking bears, birthday bears, scented bears and even Virgin Atlantic pilot bears. If it had a personality, it had a home. I was especially fond of old fashioned bears, (and I still am!) with elongated bear-noses, covered in soft, shaggy brown fur.

Moving into my new “grown-up” room, I’m having trouble deciding whether my bear collection should be packed away for my own children to look after one day, or whether I should add them to my figurine display shelves for a little more “shelf-life”, if you will. Being an avid fan of Toy Story (since the very beginning) I can’t bear the thought of my childhood toys feeling abandoned. I may just hang onto them a little while longer. (Don’t judge me)

On visiting a plant nursery with my family a few weekends ago, I stumbled upon a teddy bear expo. Can you imagine my glee? I browsed the many hand-made and beautifully crafted little bears and finally came across the Honeydew Bears stand, where a very lovely lady (I didn’t ask her name. I should really learn to introduce myself properly in the future…) sold me my very first “make your own bear” kit.

Fully jointed and sewn from scratch, (hand stitched, might I add), I completed my first home-made teddy bear! He’s nowhere near perfect, but I’m quite proud of my first attempt. I also have a whole new respect for anyone who takes the time to craft these lovely creatures. A very finicky job. (And that’s coming from the girl who played with the likes of Polly pocket and such miniature toys as a child)

I’m really, beary happy with my little friend though. (See what I did there? “beary happy”? – My undying wit is wasted on such a small audience.)

Ooh yes, and also, should you feel the need to research a bit more about the lovely little Nurse Nancy and her adventures, please be advised that “Nurse Nancy” is also the name of a rather graphic adult film. I found this out the hard way and I would never wish such ill-luck to befall anyone else…




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4 responses to ““Oh let me be your teddy bear…”

  1. “Nurse Nancy” is also the name of a rather graphic adult film. I found this out the hard way and I would never wish such ill-luck to befall anyone else…

    LMAO awesome.

  2. Mathapelo

    so when i opened the page, i made a quick scroll through, and thought “NO!!! she couldn’t have sewed this?!” and indeed you did!

    THIS GIRL!!!

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