Who is Zozette?

Certified animator. Flying squirrel translator. Big time procrastinator.

This is true. I am in fact a certified animator, who is still a beginner in the great big world they call the “Entertainment industry”. So far I have worked with Clockwork zoo here in South Africa. Working on tv series, such as; Caillou, for Cookie Jar – Canada and Florries Dragons, for Wish films – Disney UK. Right now…er… I am currently… “Between jobs”… Yes… That’s the term…

EDIT: I am currently employed. (You may rejoice now.)

I have also been known to talk to squirrels. I speak the “Squeakedy squeak, squeakum” dialect, made so popular by Kronk in the Emperors new groove. Flying squirrels are interesting animals. Using a loose fold of skin (called a patagium) stretched between all four legs, they are able to glide considerable distances under full control.

I am also a huge procrastinator. (See exhibit A – My blog, and exhibit B – The above stated “About Me” section.)



About Zozette

Maker/Procrastinator. www.zozette.com

23 responses to “Who is Zozette?

  1. Maria & Marina

    Zozzi you are (CERTIFIED) nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you!
      “Certified” indicates an education of some kind, so I’m taking this as a compliment! :]

      • I love the Charlie Chaplin pics! and then I love love the artist that blogs “in between jobs!” and is a pro-procrastinator…..hmmm…I think there is a title in that my dear? Executive Procrastinator, or rather more important…hmmmmm…what is more important ….PRESIDENT PROCRASTINATOR……..but can I be VICE PRESIDENT PROCRASTINATOR then? ……oh please? preeeeeeeety please? puh-leeeeze? with sugar on top of something……well, no maybe you don’t like sugar….ok….pink packets…no they give Squirrels CANCER…….the Blue packets…..hmmm……don’t they turn to formaldehyde?

        ok….honey….yes…..squirrels like honey…..and let me send you a movie my friend Bara made of our neighborhood buddy we called him Mr. Crackers…..but the lady in the leasing office said she already named him “Poncheese” so we liked that one better! and you know HE CAME UP TO ME YESTERDAY! BY MISTAKE! it was funny! I was sitting there…and OOPS! He didn’t realize I was sitting there…..by the pool……but really I “told him it was ok he could stay….”
        but I think I didn’t speak ‘squirrel…..’ or ‘ALMONDS” and I was simply out of anything tasty…..Grapefruit citrus doesn’t go so good in Poncheese diet? so we are on the look out….to make sure we place some extra unsalted natural almonds…..out and about…..so our fellow can come hunting……..he is much too fat to fly though……I think he is living the HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA LIFE like CHARLIE CHAPLIN……..Bara feeds him cookie in the video……you see…

      • If I ever see Poncheese out and about I will be sure to ask him (in squirrel of course) what food he likes, so that you can plant it all over the neighbourhood for him. Thanks for appreciating my “in between jobs” state. What can I say? It’s a difficult industry. πŸ˜€

        President Procrastinator
        (Yes, you can be Vice President Procastinator – but I warn you, it’s a tough job doing nothing all day… ;D)

  2. Your a really positive person!!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Brian Davis

    Thank you for your delightful site, which I was led to by curiously following the string from Google’s Chaplin tribute today. My dad was a big fan of Chaplin, so I have seen and loved the movies.
    Now…(suddenly very serious), my son, who is 18 and about to graduate from High School, desperately wants to be an animator. At least, he says he does. I see him drawing characters all the time, though I have never actually seen him try to animate anything. You can see some of his characters on the deviant art site. His deviant art name is “youhaveashortmemory”.
    I want to be a supportive coach to him. What should he study, in order to develop as an animator? Any suggestions or advise you can provide will be very welcome.

    Thank You!!!


    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. In my (very short) animation experience I’ve found that the animation industry is a very difficult one to break into. Especially if you are a traditional animator (That is; drawn animation, 2D animation, stop-motion animation. etc) I think if your son is looking to find a career in this field – 3D animation is probably the most practical. There are always companies looking to add 3d animators to their massive teams. If he is not interested in the actual technicalities of animation he could look to becoming an Illustrator or perhaps even a Character Designer within an animation team. (Here he would just need to find a good drawing course so that he can develop his skills to a professional level.)

      If he is interested in animation – Try looking for any animation courses in your area. I studied animation directing through a film school, where I was taught more traditional techniques. I think the vital necessities of a good animation course include: A teaching of the principles of animation, (To do animation of any kind you need to have a good understanding of the basic principles of animation. Then apply it to whichever medium you choose to follow.) A teaching of drawing/sketching skills, and then also a way to transition these skills into the workplace.

      Try download a traditional animation program or two and let your son fiddle around with them. It can give him an idea of what goes into animation and whether he would enjoy it as a possible career. (Try find a good download for maybe Toonboom Flipbook, or Toonboom Animate, or (if he’s interested in stop motion) Dragon or iStopmotion)
      Animation is a very time-consuming and tiring career, but I know that those who love it, wouldn’t choose to do anything else.

      I’m not the most experienced animator, but hope that helped. I’m happy to answer any other questions you have. :]

  4. Courtney Austin

    I love how your blog covers the most random things(:

  5. Why bother with it today when there’s always tomorrow? I’m a big procrastinator too! I think it’s human nature.

  6. J Duran

    First time here at your site and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Keep up the good work, of procrastinating that is. LOL. When I have a question about anything in general I’ll make sure to look you up on my bookmarks. Chao from Houston, TX.

    • Haha! Thanks so much. I am indeed a professional procrastinator, so if you have any problems or need advice on how to procrastinate more efficiently – just ask the time-wasting guru! (Me) :]

  7. TRUTH: Way back in High School I actually did a term paper on flying squirrels (Glaucomys volans, YEA!).
    Procrastination is key to my lifestyle as well. I’ve been putting off growing up for years now. I mean, really, where’s the incentive?
    Have watched Caillou many times with my offspring and they enjoy all. Me, I liked the old ones better before he was sanitized, unreal-ized, and not-so-many-frames-per-second-thankyou. I suspect that you yourself had little to do with the narritive.

    Anywho,….the world needs more animators. Keep on keepin’-on!


    • That is kind of awesome! I always wanted a pet flying squirrel when I was a kid. Haha… And I totally agree about growing-up being over-rated. I’ve been adding a “teen” to the end of my age since my twentieth birthday. (Twenteen… Twenteen-one… etc etc…)
      To be completely honest, there were often times when we (The animation team) would curse the horrid design of the Caillou characters. They just weren’t practical to animate at all. But yes, the stories (..of which I have nothing to do with) are very much intended for innocent, young minds. I suppose that can’t be too bad.
      PS: Your username is incredible. (Potter-nerd alert – Woohoo!)

  8. Jayyy

    Thank you for the awesome and at sometimes random blog. I have been viewing this blog for a while and all I can say is one thing. YOUR AWESOME. Keep up the great work.

  9. Hey Zozette,

    This is such a fun site. You seem like a really fun person. Great ideas and I’m a huge fan of the certified animator. flying squirrel translator….pretty awesome stuff. I literally just started a wordpress it kinda still in the making but I love to post fun things the I do or i plan to do. Keeping it interesting and positive. Anyway check out my site if you’d like….www.toddvanderlin.com/dvanderlin, keep up the good work!


    • Hi Davis,
      Thanks for stopping by and for all the kind words. πŸ™‚
      Your blog looks great so far… I love blogging/hearing about great new places to eat and try out.
      & I totally agree with keeping things positive – it goes a long way!
      Hope you grow to love blogging as I do. All the best,

  10. ..wunderbar! Spirits like yours both overcome procrastination (of which I was so proficient that I even put off procastinating!) and unfold the infinite wonders of the universe! BTW, did you ever see the cartoon series Rocky the Flying Squirrel?
    Wish you the best in realizing your dreams!
    Signed, “Lifelong student of Wassamatta U.”

    • Why thank you! I certainly hope to unfold as many wonders as I possibly can!
      I know of Rocky, but never did get to watch any episodes of his wonderful flying squirrelyness. I think I must try get a hold of the series at some point. :]
      Thanks again for stopping by πŸ˜€

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