“Oh let me be your teddy bear…”

As a young child, I found no greater joy than coming across a beautifully made teddy bear that needed a home. With the help of Nurse Nancy and her doll hospital (A comic strip I read and enjoyed quite frequently in Twinkle magazine), I had, over time, pulled together a complete family of stuffed friends. (Each with a carefully hand-picked name and a personalized hand-drawn birth certificate.)

I took in teddy bears of every kind. Old bears, new bears, Christmas bears, Easter bears, hiking bears, birthday bears, scented bears and even Virgin Atlantic pilot bears. If it had a personality, it had a home. I was especially fond of old fashioned bears, (and I still am!) with elongated bear-noses, covered in soft, shaggy brown fur.

Moving into my new “grown-up” room, I’m having trouble deciding whether my bear collection should be packed away for my own children to look after one day, or whether I should add them to my figurine display shelves for a little more “shelf-life”, if you will. Being an avid fan of Toy Story (since the very beginning) I can’t bear the thought of my childhood toys feeling abandoned. I may just hang onto them a little while longer. (Don’t judge me)

On visiting a plant nursery with my family a few weekends ago, I stumbled upon a teddy bear expo. Can you imagine my glee? I browsed the many hand-made and beautifully crafted little bears and finally came across the Honeydew Bears stand, where a very lovely lady (I didn’t ask her name. I should really learn to introduce myself properly in the future…) sold me my very first “make your own bear” kit.

Fully jointed and sewn from scratch, (hand stitched, might I add), I completed my first home-made teddy bear! He’s nowhere near perfect, but I’m quite proud of my first attempt. I also have a whole new respect for anyone who takes the time to craft these lovely creatures. A very finicky job. (And that’s coming from the girl who played with the likes of Polly pocket and such miniature toys as a child)

I’m really, beary happy with my little friend though. (See what I did there? “beary happy”? – My undying wit is wasted on such a small audience.)

Ooh yes, and also, should you feel the need to research a bit more about the lovely little Nurse Nancy and her adventures, please be advised that “Nurse Nancy” is also the name of a rather graphic adult film. I found this out the hard way and I would never wish such ill-luck to befall anyone else…




“Happiness hit her like a train on a track.”

Greetings, greetings; what few readers I have.

It’s another glorious Wednesday in my little world of unemployment. But, alas, I do not let it get me down… For, though I am poor, I am also resourceful. I have found little things to do to pass the time in between interviews and such.

First and foremost, I’ve been bitten by the cooking bug. I’ve surfed so many food blogs and recipe books, that when I close my eyes to sleep at night, my dreams take on the appearance of little blogs and books, filled with cupcakes and macarons. I can do nothing but give in to this power that food has over me.  In the upcoming days/weeks, I’ll share a few of my most recent endeavors. However successful/unsuccessful they were.

Other than my obsession with food, I have also dug up my grandmothers sewing machine from storage. Been fiddling with that for the first time and managed to get an entire handbag out of it. (Please ignore the EXTREMELY skew stitches. I am ashamed enough already. What will the towns-folk say? “The grand-daughter of a seamstress?! Preposterous!”)

Also, my cashlessness hasn’t stopped me from keeping my style up to date. I got a free birthday haircut from my hairdresser (How cool is he – right?) and I bought myself a little home-dye to shake things up! (And cover up the blonde. Contrary to popular beliefs; while blonde, I did not have more fun.)

I now resemble (unintentionally, I swear.) Agnes from Despicable Me. I still can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing. Oh well. As Shakespeare would say in times like these, “What’s done, is done!” (Although, I can’t imagine that ol’ William used to dye his hair and go for free haircuts and… what.. what… yes, you know what I’m saying.)

Tomorrow, I bake! (Again)

People who are to see me in the next few days are in for a treat! (Unless everything flops… In that case I can only offer a spoonful of sugar – Which is not all that bad. Apparently it helps the medicine go down.)

Until next time!



“Our house, in the middle of our street…”

Here are the little gingerbread houses I made for our Christmas Eve/Day hosts. I’m really quite proud of them. I didn’t expect them to turn out so well. (We’ll omit the fact that I had a catastrophe house prior to these cuties.)

I’m most definitely making more next year. 🙂 I would have posted these piccies earlier, but I couldn’t let the internets see them before the receiving parties…

Made out of my traditional gingerbread, iced together with royal icing and topped off with my little hand-made fondant decorations. Let me know what you think!



“Pop it, lock it, polka-dot it…”

My friends and I have a  little “Girls-Night-In” club, aka “The Decadence Club”, where we get together and try out new little coffee shops, while filling our spare time with craftiness and girly fun.

This may sound more like a “Little Grannies Club” , but honestly it’s really fun and quite therapeutic to just get together with some mates and hang out. I’ve been too busy to join in on the past few gatherings due to work-work-work. And although that suck-suck-sucks, my best bud, Viviana, decided to catch me up on the latest Decadent craft, since I was so looking forward to it. Courtesy of our friend Gina, we made “No-sew blankets” for the winter. Really cute AND functional! Here’s a little “How-to” for anyone who cares to try. 🙂

What you need:

– 2 metres of a patterned polar fleece fabric

– 2 metres of a complimentary solid colour polar fleece fabric

– Pins

– Sharp fabric scissors

– Time and love (Cheese, anyone?)


1. Choose two complimentary fabrics for your blanket. The one will serve for the inner colour and the other, the outer. Go as crazy as you’d like. I chose a multi-coloured polka-dot fabric and a lime green one for my sister’s blanket.

2. Cut any rough edges off of your patterned fabric. Normally only two parallel sides need trimming.

3. Lay the patterned fabric, fluffier side down, out on the floor. Then lay your solid fabric, fluffier side up, on top of it. (You’ll notice the fabric stretches lengthways, but not from side to side. Make sure both squares of fabric are the same way). Trim the solid fabric edges in order for it to fit directly over the patterned fabric. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. The fringing will hide the imperfections.

4. Pin all around the perimeter of the double fabric square, about a fingers-length in.

5. Cut a square out of each corner. (Cutting through both fabrics) – Ignore the fact that I have an extra piece of green fabric underneath, in my picture. The edge of my blanket was folded over.

6. Then cut a strip into the fabric on either side of the cut-out corner. (About 8cm deep into the blanket on the non-stretchy sides and about 4cm deep on the stretchy sides. Width should be about 1.5cm.)

7. Tie the two corner strips in double knots to secure the corner (Vary the type of knot you tie, in order to play with the style of your blanket’s fringe.)

8. Cut strips all the way along the side. (Make sure you keep to the measurements or you’ll end up with different length fringes.)

9. Tie all the strips into knots. Proceed to do the same thing all the way around the blanket.

10. Finally – Find a tired teenager to try it out. – AKA my sister. (Remember to remove the pins first!) – Obviously depending on whether you actually like the recipient or not.

I really love how these blankies turn out. Guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas?!?!?! So let me know your colour preferences!

No, seriously.



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