“Waiting on the world to change…”

I know… I know… I lied. I was so sure I would be the chatterbox of the festive season… but alas, I was busy, yet again. Unfortunately, this post will not make up for my absence, however, I do know, that I need to share it with you as quickly as possible.

Being an avid Charlie Chaplin fan, on being shown this video by a friend, I was instantly filled with a kind of hope and power that I can not describe. The edit is not flawless, the footage is not perfect, but the message is one of the strongest and loudest I’ve ever heard.

The speech is an exerpt from the film “The great dictator”, starring Charles Chaplin. A combination of the speech and the emotive Hans Zimmer track, Time, really had my tear ducts going.

Enjoy Mr Chaplin’s words, and may they inspire you to make changes in the world that people have only hoped for. 




“…Let the world spin madly on.”

If you’re a fan of Contemporary dance and animation, you HAVE to watch this beautiful piece. It’s an animation called “Thought of you” by animator Ryan Woodward. It is one of the many figurative pieces that make up Conte Animated, an exhibition exploring artistic mediums and movement. Quite stunning and rather deserving of much more recognition. You can find out more about Ryan here.

Quite tempted to take the footage from my Jazz dance recital and try something with it. Hmm…



“There are people dying, if you care enough for the living.”

You may have noticed the banner for “Free Rice” on the right hand border of my blog.  If not, please take the time to check it out. It’s a really clever little initiative that was created in association with the United Nations World Food program, which, through it’s many ventures has fed over 90 million beneficiaries, in 73 countries, about 3.7 million tonnes of food.

It takes almost no effort and nothing but a little brain power. All you have to do is click on the link and put your vocab to the test. For every correct answer, a new advert banner will load, paying for a few more grains of rice towards the hungry.

Clever, huh?



(Clicky below)

Fight World Hunger

“I got the magic in me…”

In light of current events, I thought I would theme my new post to the likes of the wonderful, wizarding world of Harry potter. This doesn’t refer to the fantastic-looking theme park (Which I NEED to visit), but the fact that the movie was released yesterday. I have yet to see it… which is a first for me! I always watch the HP movies on premiere night and I’m afraid my 30 seconds to Mars concert last night spoilt that tradition. HOWEVER, 30 seconds to Mars blew my mind and the new Harry Potter movie will be seen VERY soon.

In the meantime… I have found a rather… er… interesting person who has entered himself in a “Biggest Harry Potter fan” competition. Let’s just say this dude better win, because he has dedicated his life and a lot of time to this phenomenal series. (I thought I was a fan… but really… Wow! This guy is either the king of all Harry Potter nerds OR totally creeptastic. You decide.)



“So take me away, I don’t mind. But you better promise me I’ll be back in time.”

My blog has had an unexpected boost in readers the past few days… All because of my Charlie Chaplin article I wrote a few months ago. So weird…

Anyway, I looked into it and I found out that someone may have found a “Time traveller” in some footage of one of good ol’ Charles’ dvds. The youtube video has gone a bit viral. (Which is why people have been searching Mr Chaplin, therefore being linked to my post.) I think it’s a pretty darn cool theory and I hope it’s true.  (This is coming from a super Back to the future geek…)

So here is the video which has gotten everyone excited about Charlie Chaplin again:



‘He ate my heart, then he ate my brain…”

Runaway Brain

Mickey Mouse – or is it, Julius?

Probably my favourite Disney short and definitely my favourite Mickey Mouse cartoon. A really beautifully animated piece, laced with SO many well-timed moments and hidden jokes. I have to share the splendour of this amazing animation with anyone who cares to enjoy it. Sit  back, with a bowl of popcorn and watch this:



“Dum, dum, dum, honey, what have you done?”

Coolest. Tattoo. Ever.

Steven Tyler is a frikken legend.

You can find the tattoo artist’s deviant art page here.

That is all.



“Happy birthday to the GROUND…”

Andy Samberg – Threw it on the ground – The Lonely Island

“I like things that are immature and offbeat and bizarre. Random jokes. Weird stuff. And stupid. Stupid is the highest compliment a person can pay to me.” – Andy Samberg


“And you shake me, ’til you wake me from this bad dream”

Okay. How is this not the cutest thing ever? When I have a kid, I’m definitely going to teach it to sing Bohemian Rhapsody or something epic.



“Baby, you’ll be famous. Chase you down until you love me. Paparazzi.”

Bieber who?

Greyson Michael Chance. I’ve never seen anything spread so fast before. Like a wildfire, in a petroleum-doused dead forest! Goodness gracious.

Yesterday, I came across this wonderful cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. It was by a 12 year old 6th grader at his school’s talent show. He had about 100 000 views in only 1 week. Pretty amazing. Check his youtube video out. (Note the blonde girl in the back falling in love…)

TODAY, yes today (The day after yesterday)…. I checked again (because I’m a fan now y’see) and he had over 8500 000 views! I think that is the most incredible thing that I’ve ever seen. OVERNIGHT! Then I hear that yesterday he was contacted by the Ellen producers and he was flown up to LA today to shoot an episode of the Ellen show! You could see that he was a little nervous, but honestly at the rate that his fame has shot up, how could he not be? (See the excitement when a special caller calls in on Ellen) 🙂

I think there are huge things in store for this talented little kid. I also think that Justin Bieber’s fanbase should watch it’s back. Today is the first day I’ve seen “Justin Bieber” out of the Twitter trending topics. “Who’s replaced it?” you may ask. You guessed it. “Greyson”.

I expect to see way more of this little guy. He definitely has an amazing talent and I’m glad it didn’t take long for the world to see. There are already fan groups all over the internet. “Greyson_news” GreysonTube” “Greysonfans”. Incredible stuff indeed.

I sure hope he won that school talent competition…


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