“Waiting on the world to change…”

I know… I know… I lied. I was so sure I would be the chatterbox of the festive season… but alas, I was busy, yet again. Unfortunately, this post will not make up for my absence, however, I do know, that I need to share it with you as quickly as possible.

Being an avid Charlie Chaplin fan, on being shown this video by a friend, I was instantly filled with a kind of hope and power that I can not describe. The edit is not flawless, the footage is not perfect, but the message is one of the strongest and loudest I’ve ever heard.

The speech is an exerpt from the film “The great dictator”, starring Charles Chaplin. A combination of the speech and the emotive Hans Zimmer track, Time, really had my tear ducts going.

Enjoy Mr Chaplin’s words, and may they inspire you to make changes in the world that people have only hoped for. 




“Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world.”

What a lovely past few days I have had. An encounter with wild animals at Wolves on Friday and then a pack of crazies at Vovo Telo on Saturday. What fun.

Vovo Telo at 44 Stanley Aukland Park. Yummy. That’s all I can say. It’s surprisingly student/unemployed budget friendly and has a nice arsty fartsy atmosphere. We went there for brunch (I was working up the appetite for a good breakfast) but alas, We were 15 minutes too late. Make sure you’re there before 11am if you want to order from the breakfast menu. I ordered a Chicken pesto focaccia sandwhich instead, which was deeeee-lish. (Loaded with garlic and many green basil bits though – so it’s a no-go during romantic outings!) The fresh juices are also to die for! Freshly pressed apple juice! So good!

But the most notable part of the meal was definitely the desserts! A morsel of heaven in the form of a Lemon meringue tart for me and the decadent Chocolate cake for everyone else. Great place. Amazing friends. Definite recommendation. :]

How does one work off a meal like this, you may ask? A very active game of Glee Karaoke Revolution afterwards of course!!! If you’re a Gleek, you have to invest in this super fun Singstar-like game. Lots of giggles, some of the best people I know and reasonably in-tune singing. Fantastic combination.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”
-Oprah Winfrey



“So if you’re too school for cool…”

P!nk, p!nk, p!nk, p!nk, p!nk…

I very much approve of this song:

That is all.



“Around the world, around the world…”

An EVEN FURTHER 5 things I’ve learnt on my travels to Londontown

My previous two travel entries were based around a trip I took to Greece about a month ago. More recently, I packed my bags up again and took a family vacay to London and Miami. SO Amazing! Here are an even further 5 things I have learnt while making my way across the world. First stop – London!

1. Camden is my favourite place on this planet.

I could swear that Camden is the cooking pot where God stewed our world’s population together. Every kind of stereotype, sub-culture and race of person was represented on my visit to Camden market. Incredible! Just the wardrobe alone kept me thoroughly entertained as we made our way through the many, MANY market stalls.

I could live in a market. Yes, I could.

On the drive there, I first made sure that I unleashed the Harry Potter geek from within. King’s Cross station! I couldn’t help but make sure that we made a stop there, so that I could get a picture and then dreamily envision myself playing quidditch. (Stop judging me…)

“Platform 9 and three quarters?! Think you’re bein’ funny, do ya?”

The market was absolutely fantastic though, when we finally got there. Millions of little vintage stores, punk inspired attire, and food stalls from across the world. I’ve never been to a market with little Asian ladies hanging over the counters screaming “Taste! Taste some yummy yummy bourbon chicken!” It was an experience, I must say. The clothes stalls were amaaaazing! The most stunning garments, kept in such beautiful condition. My favourite dress I saw was this one:

I waannnnnt ittt…..

I most definitely couldn’t pull it off, but it was gorgeous nonetheless.

Things took a surreal turn, however, when I came across this store in the middle of the market:

*beep beep boink bleep bop*

Cyberdogs. I felt like I was whipped 5000 years into the future, when I walked into this store. I would have taken photos of the inside, but a rather grumpy little punk at the door told me there was no photography allowed. That’s how all the employees there looked; Extreme neon punk attire, giant spiked or dreadlocked hair and piercings all over. The whole store (two floors of it) was in darkness, the only light source being a UV lighting system. Every garment glowed under the light, from leotards reminiscent of the Jetsons, to make-up that glows under black light, to weird little gadgets that would satisfy any nerd. All-in-all a very surreal, but exciting shopping experience.

2. Real punks don’t like getting their photo taken.

There were so many people in Camden (and London in general) dressed in the most amazing get-ups. I wanted to take a photo of every one and document it, but this becomes very difficult in the hustle and bustle of the London streets.

I saw two awesome looking punks at Camden market and I had a chance to try and take a photo through the crowds. I managed to get this nice blurry one:

Note: The scary punk above is purposefully unidentifyable. This is for my own safety.

The other punk (like he had Spidey-senses or something) stopped walking and turned around to face me across the thousands of people passing between us. The “look” he proceeded to give me, still chills my bones to this day. It was the kind of expression that cuts through crowds. I have never seen a “look” that combines so many emotions before. Disgust, Anger and the intense need to punch me in the face. Needless to say, I almost wet myself and my camera was back in my coat pocket before you could say “Cheese and crackers!”

Never again.

Real punks are scary.


3. There is no theatre like London West End theatre.

When my mom asked what I would like to do in London, the only thing I was sure of, was that I wanted to go watch a West End musical.

I had read so many good things about “Wicked” online and I had seen it being referenced on TV quite often, so I thought it would be the obvious choice. Also, I had never seen it before and that made it all the more exciting.

The Apollo Victoria theatre… *angels chorus*

What a fantastic choice! The show was incredible. I really, REALLY loved it. It was all about the Wicked Witch of the West telling the story of The Wizard of Oz through her eyes. Lovely music and a really clever script.

I had been waiting for one song in particular, because I had previously heard it on an episode of Glee. (And youtubed a few thousand versions)

Defying gravity.

When it came on, I was so overwhelmed by how amazing the set, costumes and vocals were, I bawled like the biggest musical-loving baby there ever was. Of course, this was then a cue for the lights to come on for interval, only to reveal a wonderfully red and blotchy-faced me. Still, it was SO worth it.

4. Madam Tussauds never gets old.

It really doesn’t. I’ve been a total of three times already, and every time I have a blast. They make new sculptures quite often, so if you only go every few years, there will always be something new for you to look at.

I knew she was real!!!

They’ve also recently opened a 4D Marvel theatre. Such a cool experience and really well done! The storyline involves some of the better known Marvel characters meeting up just outside the Madam Tussauds building, where something goes horribly… horribly… wrong…

Really great effects and a chocolate toffee-apple in hand, I was perfectly happy!

5. I visit museums, therefore I am cultured.

Most of our days were spent in educational surroundings…. Yes, yes, we are incredibly intelligent, cultured travellers.

Our most notable museum visits were…

The Natural History museum:

Where Ben Stiller at?

The Science museum:

The first Apple Mac – front and centre.

And Tate’s Modern art museum:

Whaam! By Roy Lichtenstein – I remember having to analyze this in an art exam. Quite unreal.

Andy Warhol!!! The whole Warhol room was even plastered in his wallpaper design! Cows everywhere.

And that is how I spent 5 days of my globe-trekking… Next stop: Miami! 😀



“Open your mouth boy, show me your teeth…”

It’s funny how people can associate memories with so many senses, but when it comes to remembering pain, the memories are mostly far from accurate. That’s probably why you get people who keep going back for more plastic surgery regardless of how bruised they were the time before, or why some people overdo the whole tattoo thing, to the point where one can not even see the “canvas” anymore.

My wisdom teeth extraction experience, was rather… er… ouchie. One thing I can tell you, while it’s still fresh in my memory, is that it was/is bloody painful. Exactly how cut-up and stitched gums should feel, I suppose.

On my arrival I was told to put on a hospital gown and a gosh-forsaken-giant-paper-excuse for a pair of underwear. (Why-oh-why this was nessecary for teeth extraction, I’ll never know…) If I was ever on a season of Survivor, these two items would be what I would bring with me. I could probably effectively create a treehouse, a life raft and a parachute out of them. (AND  also paper mache myself  a Sony Playstation 3)

The cast of “The hills have eyes” must have had a day trip to the hospital yesterday too… The first guy-nurse I saw, had one side of his upper lip stuck above his teeth and twitched his whole face every few seconds. His eyes were never looking in the same direction and when he wheeled me into the theatre, he left me with a “Good luuuuuck….”, like a creepy hillbilly zombie would say before seasoning me up for dinner. I nearly hopped out of bed and ran shrieking down the hospital halls.

I then drifted off to anesthetically enhanced sleep with the sound of my ancient anesthesiologist shouting at the nurse for strapping down my arm wrong. My body was asleep, but my brain was freaking out. Luckily, my brain joined the rest of my body shortly afterwards and even though I fell asleep to less than ideal surroundings, everything went quite well and I woke up to numb lips and a not much but a shitty-ass pain in the back of my mouth.

By the time the nurses had strapped fifty ice-packs to my face and had fed me jelly and ice-cream, I had become nicely swollen. (Obviously the perfect opportunity for my dad to take a few photos on his iPhone. – Fan-frikken-tastic)

Since then, my face has swollen even more and I kind of resemble the Godfather. My little sister is convinced I look like Theodore, from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Which is cool, because he’s just adorable. But I’m pretty sure I look  more like the love-child of Aunt Marge from Harry Potter and Billy Butcherson from Hocus Pocus.


As, author and poet, Tobias Smollett once said ” Some folk are wise, and some are otherwise.”

So true Tobias, so true…

I leave you on this note, with a frikken good Lady Gaga track which didn’t really get much airtime on the radio… My favourite one though. “Teeth”



“Happy birthday to the GROUND…”

Andy Samberg – Threw it on the ground – The Lonely Island

“I like things that are immature and offbeat and bizarre. Random jokes. Weird stuff. And stupid. Stupid is the highest compliment a person can pay to me.” – Andy Samberg


“And you shake me, ’til you wake me from this bad dream”

Okay. How is this not the cutest thing ever? When I have a kid, I’m definitely going to teach it to sing Bohemian Rhapsody or something epic.



“Guess what? I’m not a robot.”

Marina and the diamonds.

I know she’s been around for a little while, but I’ve only discovered her now. What a lovely, different sound! I find her so interesting and intriguing.

Some info about her: She’s half Welsh and half Greek. Her stage name was influenced by her actual name, Marina Diamandis. – “Diamandis” meaning “diamonds” in Greek. Her debut studio album came out this year and it’s called “The Family Jewels”

She also has a synesthetic condition which involves seeing musical notes and days of the week in colour form. Quite interesting and very evident in her polychromatic songs. 😀

Marina and the Diamonds – Hollywood


“Baby, you’ll be famous. Chase you down until you love me. Paparazzi.”

Bieber who?

Greyson Michael Chance. I’ve never seen anything spread so fast before. Like a wildfire, in a petroleum-doused dead forest! Goodness gracious.

Yesterday, I came across this wonderful cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. It was by a 12 year old 6th grader at his school’s talent show. He had about 100 000 views in only 1 week. Pretty amazing. Check his youtube video out. (Note the blonde girl in the back falling in love…)

TODAY, yes today (The day after yesterday)…. I checked again (because I’m a fan now y’see) and he had over 8500 000 views! I think that is the most incredible thing that I’ve ever seen. OVERNIGHT! Then I hear that yesterday he was contacted by the Ellen producers and he was flown up to LA today to shoot an episode of the Ellen show! You could see that he was a little nervous, but honestly at the rate that his fame has shot up, how could he not be? (See the excitement when a special caller calls in on Ellen) 🙂

I think there are huge things in store for this talented little kid. I also think that Justin Bieber’s fanbase should watch it’s back. Today is the first day I’ve seen “Justin Bieber” out of the Twitter trending topics. “Who’s replaced it?” you may ask. You guessed it. “Greyson”.

I expect to see way more of this little guy. He definitely has an amazing talent and I’m glad it didn’t take long for the world to see. There are already fan groups all over the internet. “Greyson_news” GreysonTube” “Greysonfans”. Incredible stuff indeed.

I sure hope he won that school talent competition…


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