Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

Hello all!

My last day of work for the year has arrived. (Minus a few annoying half-days next week.)

A glorious, glorious day indeed. As you can see, I have been rather quiet recently, but now my holidays are here and you won’t be able to shut me up! (You can run, but you can’t hide.)

My festive-y feeling has been kick-started with some pretty Christmas decorations at home, a box of Ninja Bread Men at work, and a countdown for the Greek family arrival next week.

I’d been set on baking some gingerbread men for the office as a little Christmas gesture, but then, to my excitement, I came across these AWESOME cookie cutters:

From that moment, I knew…. (cue epic music) that I was meant to buy these cutters and bake some ninjas for my peeps at work.

They really did go down a treat, and even as I sit here with an empty tuppaware next to me – I can still smell the gingery goodness. Maybe one day I will share my recipe with you all. 😉

Expect more festive happiness from me in the next few weeks. :):):)




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